I am pleased to announce that we will now be paying writers whose work we accept for publication in BNP Magazine. Payment is a flat rate of $100 up to 1500 published words, $150 from 1500-2500 words, and $200 for over 2500 words, and payment will be made upon publication (generally within a few weeks of acceptance). You may SUBMIT your work through the link on the main menu. Please note, desired maximum word count for short stories is 2,000 words, although longer pieces will be considered.

BNP Magazine will be available online in PDF, .mobi (Kindle), .ePub (all others). Read all issues HERE.


So you’d like to submit your short story to BNP Magazine? We’d love to see it. Our guidelines are simple:

•Have a great story. Don’t tell a sliver of a story, don’t tease a story (especially if you are using the short story to promote a novel), no excerpts (unless otherwise approved), and no stolen work.

•Your story MUST HAVE a beginning, middle and end, to what you are trying to convey; the character must CHANGE throughout the story.

•Show DON’T tell. Narration is all well and good if it serves a purpose. Readers want to SEE the story, not be told it.

•Don’t get creative with post dialog attributes––he said, she said, is just fine. You don’t need “This stinks,” he spat. Unless he really spat, don’t say it. “I don’t like the curtains,” she said leisurely. Unless it too her a very long and comfortable time, do not use that word.

•Avoid stupid words that do not exist, are overused, or misused:

“Disenfranchised.” Overused and often used incorrectly.

“Irregardless.” Regardless means an aside to what was stated. Irregardless would mean that it isn’t an aside, which would make it a redundancy. Just use “Regardless” or nothing.

And while “he said,” and “she said,” are all fine, when you have two people talking, you can quickly figure out who is talking. Just use that the first time and intermittently, but not after every sentence.”

Proper dialog format is as follows: “I really like the curtains,” he said. It is not, “I really like the curtains!” He said. By the way, exclamation marks are for exclaiming––you know, vibrantly emphatic!!!!!

Please prood proof your work before you submit it. If you care that little about your work to submit it without having gone through it, what response are you expecting from me? Excellent proofing methods include reading it aloud, having someone read it to you, record it and play it back, and other methods. You will be amazed at the mistakes you find.


Please make sure that any quotations, citations, selections from other materials you use, are not copyrighted. While you are allowed to use “fair use” selections, you need to be familiar with the laws that protect these works. When in doubt, ask.

Please do not submit formatted work. Text is best. Your fancy font that made you feel good, will only irritate me as I have to strip it back to text before I use it.

Should your work be accepted for publication, it will pass through an editing process. While we endeavor to retain your work as closely as possible, editing may require us to adjust your work for reader clarity, in addition to grammatical corrections. We may elect to change the title of your work, however we will contact you and work with you.

Deadlines are the first of the month preceding publication. We cannot guarantee in which issue your story will appear, however we will notify you when it does.

Submissions should be made from this Website at from the SUBMIT selection. There is a consent to read form that you must complete. You can then upload your work.

Maximum story length is 2000 words, however, if your work is longer and warrants extra space, we will discuss this with you.

Our payment rates are currently 5 cents per finished word (the number of words in the final version we use.)

Payment is made upon publication, by check/cheque, PayPal, or some other method that works for us both.

If your work is accepted, you may be asked for a headshot photo, and will be asked for a brief biography that will appear at the end of the story. These can be sent by email with a publication contract you will be sent.

If you have other questions, please contact info@AltPublish.com and include BNP in the subject line. ∞

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