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William Gensburger – Author

I’ve always been a writer, from the time that I realized the world inside may head offered so many possibilities. Through the years, I have always written, whether as a journalist, advertising writer, teacher, ghost writer, blogger, newspaper and magazine publisher, and much more. It seems that I have spent so much time helping other writers write, that I have neglected my own work. But that is changing as I put out short stories, collections, novels and even screenplays, both under my name, or under pen names, things newly written, and some that have withstood the test of time.

I have a few novels coming out in the next year. One is titled: Damaged Goods, a science fiction thriller that follows Harold Cranston. Having stolen money from his mob boss in order to obtain a transferrence—a new body, adapted and complete with old memories—he is hunted down and must struggle to survive. Harold is out for revenge for the death of his wife, however, just when he is about to get killed for it, a surprising twist throws the plot in a whole new direction you can’t imagine.

This year I released a collection of six short stories in one E-book titled: FOR THE PRICE OF TWO FORTUNES. The first in a series of collections forthcoming. 

These stories represent various phases of life, from optimistic and funny, to pessimistic and dark. As with all journeys in life, poignant memories create a vivid backdrop upon which to create. For the Price of Two Fortunes offers a glimpse of youth that, despite its casualness, hides an uncertain truth. After the Leaves is a story of a family struggling to remain together. Only by retelling their story are they able to hold onto hope. World of Walls, a dystopic, future love story is ironically mirrored in some parts of the world already. The Warriors is a fun piece about life in the suburbs and a particularly vexing problem affecting two neighbors. On Deck is a dustance relationship story with a twist. And Barrymore House, a nostalgic look at an Australian boarding school setting when a former student returns as a housemaster and teacher, confronting his own demons.

"Funny to sad, well told tales that make an interesting read." ~ Sarah Hartman (Beta reader)

The book is available on AMAZON KINDLE and SMASHWORDS for the low price of 99 cents.  Honest reviews are always appreciated.

This year (2017) I have been actively recording audiobooks for best-selling author JC Ryan. His 8-part Rossler Foundation Mystery series, is both engaging and thought provoking, with science-realted topics that range from hidden writings in the ancient pyramid at Giza, to genetic illnesses, raging Holy wars from parts of the world that are current in the news today. The first book, The Tenth Cycle, introduces the reader to Daniel Rossler, a reporter for the New York Times, who very quickly is thrown into a mystery that affects, not only his own life, but the lives of many others. In this book I get to explore a variety of accents, from British, to Indian, Scottish, and more. 

One reviewer noted: “The narration was one of the good points of this audiobook. William delivered an awesome performance, with a distinct voice for each of the characters. All the dialogues were clear and understandable and I didn't have to rewind, which I hate to do.”

You can find the audiobook Online HERE

The Ninth Cycle is the second book in the Rossler Foundation Mystery series that I provided audionarration for. Continuing with the clever and page-turning theme, I enjoyed the addition of several more voice accents in the telling. In this audiobook, the Rossler Foundation is drawn to an unexpected finding in Antarctica, a discovery that can turn the world upside down. Still shadowed by a mysterious group, their very lives are at risk. 

One reviewer noted: “It started out a little slow...but it did not take long and I was hooked and the narrator got the story rolling.It turned out to be a really good story and I really enjoyed it!”

You can find that audiobook (and other formats) HERE.

Genetic Bullets is the third audiobook in The Rossler Foundation Mystery series that I have recorded for best selling author JC Ryan. In this story the adventure from Antarctica has unexpected consequences placing the world at risk of death. 

This book should be available shortly.

Signs You May NOT Be An Idiot is a humorous and sarcastic look at the lunacy of modern life. These short, but detailed examinations cover a wide range of topics from the pervasive addiction of Americans to pop culture and celebrity, to the lies and deceits of politics, business and more. 

The book was originally written in 2008, following a run of editorials in a small community newspaper that was called “Deal With It,” and has grown to expand well beyond the confines of neutrality. 

Reviewers noted: "I Find myself in agreement with Mr. Gensburger on practically every topic discussed in this book. His lighthearted approach enables one to be challenged to think without feeling confronted to think. Well done sir." ~Cliff Hitchcock  (verified customer)

"This is a humerous reflection on modern life. On the other hand it is seemingly endlessly grumpy. So this is fantastic if you like that sort of thing!" ~Paul Little

The book is available in Print at Amazon HERE and in all EBook formats at Smashwords HERE.


For additional information about me please explore this site for samples of my other lines of work, from graphic design, layouts and publishing services. Also be sure to check my TESTIMONIALS and CONTACT me if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to answer them.


William Gensburger


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