Robin Melhuish – Author

“Alt publish has been a supportive companion in my efforts to get a book story, first of all, put right,  and secondly, formatted in a way I could never have achieved on my own. William has been a constant source of professional and constructive advice, who at times I have cursed for the extra work involved; but have come to appreciate as it drove me to higher plane in my writing, and even my way of thinking about stories.

“I have been repeatedly impressed with his creativity and ideas not just on the story front, but also on the marketing side of things. Through his efforts my book, ‘All That Remains’, made it into the top 100 Kindle titles in historical fiction.

“ All in all, Alt Publish has provided a solid and above all friendly source of support and I’d like to take the opportunity of thanking William for all the effort he put in turning a story into a marketable. It can’t have been easy with what I provided him with originally.”

~Robin Melhuish