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For these testimonials I have omitted the author names because it was for work I did while contracted to another company. I list them solely to show an ongoing committment on my part to my clients, and that this is just how I operate.


“I have appreciated this experience immensely. It was my first experience with being part of a book; I hope there are more opportunities in my future. The one on one editing attention I received was so helpful and generous on your part, I learned how to be a better writer through the editing process. I hope to submit more work in the future and continue this relationship.” ~ST


“The whole experience for me was quite enjoyable. I appreciated your quick responses and opinions over any questions or concerns I had. You were very helpful and made the process seamless. Also, I thought the editing was spot on.” ~MK


“Working with you has been a pleasure.  The book was well designed and the price is reasonable.” ~SD


“I have to be honest, I had no idea who you were, but after familiarizing myself … I like your approach on how a book should be published, how no one gets paid until the books sells; seems a win-win for both you and the author. You are honest, enthusiastic in what you do and willing to take it all on. The process itself has been fun and personally rewarding. I have mentioned you to a couple friends, encouraging them to send you their work. Thanks so much for your hard work.” ~CH


“My experience with BYCT has been, and continues to be a positive one. From start to finish I was encouraged in a way that made me put pressure on myself; so that the company doesn’t have to. I felt very well informed and highly respected, even in my first attempt as a published writer.

“For me, this has been a confidence builder and an inspiration to make my dreams a reality … even from what little I knew about the editor, my interactions have always been professional and informational. I can tell that this is his passion and I appreciate the collaborative efforts to make us all successful.” ~MB

Robin Melhuish – Author

“Alt publish has been a supportive companion in my efforts to get a book story, first of all, put right,  and secondly, formatted in a way I could never have achieved on my own. William has been a constant source of professional and constructive advice, who at times I have cursed for the extra work involved; but have come to appreciate as it drove me to higher plane in my writing, and even my way of thinking about stories.

“I have been repeatedly impressed with his creativity and ideas not just on the story front, but also on the marketing side of things. Through his efforts my book, ‘All That Remains’, made it into the top 100 Kindle titles in historical fiction.

“ All in all, Alt Publish has provided a solid and above all friendly source of support and I’d like to take the opportunity of thanking William for all the effort he put in turning a story into a marketable. It can’t have been easy with what I provided him with originally.”

~Robin Melhuish

Kurt Koontz -Author

“William is a high quality professional that strives to help authors reach their personal and professional goals. He is responsive, objective, and sets realistic goals. If you have a manuscript or require marketing to promote your brand, William will make a solid difference to your work.” ~ Kurt Koontz, Author, “A Million Steps”

Jan Hill -Author

“William’s suggestions and expertise were invaluable in helping me complete my first book series and become a bonafide author. He kept me informed through a process that included revisions, editing, titles, cover designs and all the other aspects of publication which he handled as a contractor for BYCT Publishing. He was always prompt in returning emails and answering questions, professional in his suggestions and comments, and he did what he said he would do. My experience with him was highly positive and energizing, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” ~Jan Hill, Author, The Brylee Hawkins Series.

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