Your Short Story is Rejected. Now What?

Your Short Story is Rejected. Now What?   I get many short stories submitted each month. Sadly, most are not at a stage where I can publish them. For many authors, short stories appear to be the easiest form of writing; short, easy to finish. This is deceptive; a good short story is much harder […]

The Quest for Relevancy in the Meaning of Life: Too Many Fish in a Small Pond

Let’s face it; there are just too many people in the world, all vying for attention, whether for personal gratification, professional goals, sales, or just to remain relevant. These days, with a global attention span that barely exists (aside from endless repetition of social media posts) we find ourselves struggling for identity. Sure, the big […]

Petering Out? It’s All About Time.

Do you find your initial surge of creative brilliance petering out midway through a story, novel, or whatever you may be doing?  Do you stop, cast doubt upon the worth of your work, vacillate between continuing or abandoning your project? Perhaps, you might tell yourself, you just need a break for a bit, you know, […]

Black and White and the Simplicity of Oversimplification

As a young man, life was clear. There was good and evil, defined simplistically as black and white, and rules were defined, as were customs, manners, and other behaviors that occurred as part of normal life. My father, a meticulous man, would hand write a few drafts of a letter before settling on the final, […]