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"The most important thing for writers to know about ALT PUBLISH is that authors pay NOTHING upfront; we make no money until your book sells – we royalty share with the author; so we have a stake in your success – and if your book fails to sell, you owe NOTHING!"



The way we work is simple and straight forward.

• You submit your manuscript directly from our website. Within 2 weeks we will send you a detailed report which may, if we believe it is not ready for publication, reject any further offers on our part.  This service is FREE as many times as you submit


[Note: MOST manuscripts are not ready the first time they are submitted!]

• If you follow our suggested edits and choose to resubmit your manuscript, and IF it looks promising, we may elect to ask if you would like us to work with you. You are under NO obligation to do so.



• We are not a vanity press. They accept everything. They also have hidden charges and costs that YOU have to pay upfront, either for services or copies purchased. THEY have no risk!


We have no hidden charges. We do have charges for services* HOWEVER you will never get a bill from us. We EARN back the costs through royalties when your book SELLS. If your book FAILS to sell you owe NOTHING.  We have 100% risk. You have 0% risk. That is how we are different!


• YOU retain the copyright. We have the right to publish exclusively for a pre-agreed period of time. After that, while we may continue to sell your work; you may also sell it elsewhere.




• We will professionally edit and proof your work with you, obtain a print and digital ISBN, obtain a professional cover (front and back) as well as a digital version, layout the final approved version using Adobe InDesign, produce a high quality print version, as well as .mobi (for Amazon Kindle), .epub (most other e-Readers), and a .PDF copy for the digital printing. We will give you a copy of these digital files that you may distribute as you wish – they are good for getting reviews. We will also send you Ten (10) Free copies of your print book. Additional copies may be purchased at cost (usually between $3 - 4 per book). You are under NO OBLIGATION to do so and in some cases we may elect to send you additional copies at no charge, especially if you have a good marketing program set up (ie: book signings, media reviewers, etc...)


•We work with you on how to market yourself, even while we market your book ourselves. Writers need to have exposure. Since our revenue comes from your sales, we have incentive to market your book properly.


[NOTE: There are COSTS* involved in publishing your book, however we ONLY recoup these from royalties of sales - we will NEVER send you a bill, even if your book sales fail to recoup our costs. You have ZERO RISK!]


* Please contact us for the detailed costs incurred in publishing your book. Remember, you will never receive a bill.




From the time we approve your book (which may be several months after we first see it, depending on revisions and changes we recommend, and receive our contract back, we will strive to have your book published within 60 - 90 days. We do like to ensure that you approve a final proof version, and we like to begin marketing prior to release so that audience anticipation is available.




Your book will be available from every outlet, both Online and physical. It is, however, unlikely that your book will be immediately placed in a bookstore, and may never be carried in a bookstore, even though it may be ordered through bookstores at any time. The reasons for this are many: bookstores require large advance purchases at a 55% or more discount, free shipping and free returns at any time. Most bookstores fail to sell enough books to justify the time and expense. Despite this, many bookstores will carry small quantities of your books if asked, and most are open to author book signings.


Here is an excellent article on why bookstores may be the worst place to sell your book unless you are already a bestselling author.


Don't despair; there is only ONE rule for being able to sell your book – write an EXCELLENT book!  Once you have that, we (you and I) can get copies into the hands of those who can review it. Those reviews, as well as promotions, articles, interviews, PR, social media, and more, will drive potential readers to your book.  Want to know what you should be doing during this time?  You should be writing your next book. Authors with more than one book always sell better than a one shot wonder.


Writing is a difficult and often lonely process. It requires dedication and discipline. You have to be able to fall out of love with the words you have written and excise the redundant, the clichéd, the boring, the confusing, the repetitive word choices, and ensure that your pacing grabs the reader from page one and keeps them through to the end of the book.


Can you publish yourself?  Of course you can. The real questions is whether you should publish yourself. A writer should be writing. The rest of the time you have should be spent meeting people and getting your book into their hands. If you feel the need to spend countless hours on the many little details that go into getting your book published, you will lose your objectivity, and ability to write more.  I could understand that if you had a large bill to pay, such as from vanity press outfits, including many you see on television ads - yes even the Christian ones. With ALT PUBLISH, you will never get a bill from us, even though we have charges - we get paid from book sales only. We have to market your book or we make nothing, despite the countless hours spent working on your book.


If you have other questions, please EMAIL US or use the CONTACT page and we will be happy to answer your questions.


If you would like to submit your manuscript for our FREE evaluation, please use the SUBMIT page.


Thanks for checking us out.


A.W. Gensburger

Author & Publisher

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