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[NOTE: The pricing below is a general idea of services. Prior to any work, you will be given a guaranteed price in writing.]



COVER DESIGN: (includes Front, Back and Spine for print book in two specs, one for Createspace/ Amazon, and one for Lightning Source/Ingram as needed.  Also includes e-book versions)  $600 includes print and digital covers


EDITING/PROOFING & FIXES, even if pre-edited. $50/hr


LAYOUT (inc print and e-book layout conversions (.mobi, .epub, .pdf) $50 per finished print page.


ISBN ( submission of all information, cover, interior) $50 flat rate, includes ISBN and all needed summary information.


SUBMISSION/UPLOADS to various selected outlets inc. CreateSpace, Kindle, Smashwords, Lightning Source, iBooks, Nook, Sony...etc  $100 per service


PRESS RELEASES  $100 per release


ADVERTISING DESIGNS $50/hr (pre-agreed total)


MARKETING PLAN based upon your needs. We also have an option to teach you what you need if you prefer to do it yourself.  $50/hr (pre-agreed total)


PHOTO FIXES/CONVERSIONS/INCLUSIONS if needed. $10 per photo (or pre-agreed total)


WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA SITE UPDATES or advising you what you can do yourself.  $50/hr (pre-agreed total)


ADDITIONAL SERVICES  $50/hr (pre-agreed total)


Definition: Pre-agreed* means that we will agree on a final price or price maximum prior to start of work. Based upon desired selections a flat rate price/maximum price can be determined and used instead.   If client submits already edited and proofed content and we determine that further editing or proofing is required , client will be notified and given a price quote for corrections or the option to do so themselves.  Authors receive 10 complimentary copies of their book. Additional copies may be purchased at cost (usually between $3 - 4 each). There is no obligation to purchase anything. Authors will receive digital copies that they may distribute as they wish.


Please CONTACT us for a detailed and guaranteed quote.


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