Services Price List

ALL PRICES ARE BASED on $50/hr however…

AUDIOBOOK RECORDINGS are priced at $75 Per Finished Hour (PFH). Per finished hour means the final listening time (not the amount of work time that goes into it.)

All jobs are pre-negotiated and FLAT-RATE with all specifications written in the contract. That way you have no surprises.

You may be thinking that this will be some HUGE amount of money that you cannot afford. No! My goal is to work with authors and my intents are not to milk money from hard-working new authors who do not need added expenses.

Would you believe a book cover (front) for less than $200? The hourly figure is only a guide – I have to feed my family, too. But unlike MOST publishing assist companies, I will not make you poor, will not lock you into contracts and you WILL get far more value than you will ever pay.

It is my goal, my point of pride, and the way that I do business, that YOU get OUTSTANDING VALUE for the price. I want your TOTAL SATISFACTION, as well as your referrals and testimonials.

[This page is under construction: soon I will have estimates here for the amount of time each aspect of service takes. This wil give you an idea of the total cost. While you wait please ASK me for any information you need.]

By the way, although full service publishing is not my main focus, if I elect to represent you in a full-service capacity, you will have NO COSTS and NO RISK! I will royalty share with you, and you will NOT have costs deducted from that.

You have questions. Please ask them!

I look forward to hearing from you.







William Gensburger

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