Justice League Movie Review

After a successful Man of Steel, followed by a tepid Batman vs Superman—a generally dark and negative turn on the comic book alliance between the two giants—and then, most recently Suicide Squad and the successful Wonder Woman movie, Justice League was intended to cement the future of the DC superhero movies. Upcoming stand-alone films include […]

For the Price of Two Fortunes

FOR THE PRICE OF TWO FORTUNES by William Gensburger The jerk, who had just entered the coffee shop before us, kept insisting that the door should be shut; a slight breeze was striking him on the back of the neck, and this greatly upset him. I felt like grabbing him by the collar and throwing […]

Creative Marketing with Andrew Hood

[from Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, July 2017] Creative Marketing I met Andrew Hood (@andrewhoodtwtp) on Twitter. He’s from Sydney, Australia. As a publisher, I always try to find clever ways of reaching people. It is common to receive an auto-Tweet after you follow someone. Most are benign messages, some plug book links, others ask question […]

Black and White and the Simplicity of Oversimplification

As a young man, life was clear. There was good and evil, defined simplistically as black and white, and rules were defined, as were customs, manners, and other behaviors that occurred as part of normal life. My father, a meticulous man, would hand write a few drafts of a letter before settling on the final, […]

My God Loves Me More!

It seems to me that through the history of mankind one premise stands as the prime motivator of all action; a just cause empowered by the most powerful deity. In short–my God loves me more! Ancient tribes of men, wrapped up in fear-beliefs, offered sacrifices to appease the wrath of the Gods of the wind, […]

The Bastard Children of the Over-Exposed Generation

I have never asked anyone what they do in the bedroom, bathroom or other areas that violate the bounds of privacy. Likewise, I care nothing about the attitudes of people toward whatever makes them happy, whether that is a drink at 2pm or a gay lover. There are just some things that should remain none […]

Counting By Numbers – A Study on Humanity

“For in that sleep of death what dreams may come, When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause.” ~ Shakespeare, Hamlet.   It has been estimated that since humans first appeared, there have 108 billion of us that have walked the Earth. That said, life is often short and often cruel, […]

Sometimes I Scream When I Read….

There is a promise made by the cover of a book. An exciting cover demands an exciting interior. And yet, quite frequently, as I examine the books that interest me, I find that the opening pages make me want to scream. “What is this crap?” Clichés, redundancies, wordy, yet unnecessary narrative that uses simplistic language; […]

Lucid Dreaming; Vivid Writing

A Writing Tip: Have you ever had a dream, so real, that it lingered upon awakening?  I have. Often. Bizarre, seemingly unrelated imagery, words, that seem to make sense in the dream world, although, upon awakening, leaves an emotional aftertaste, without much in the way of cohesive meaning. And then, over the ensuing half-hour, or […]

Looking For Words in All The Wrong Places

Sometimes, the act of putting words on paper—seems easy enough, right—becomes a tortuous exercise in rhythm, not unlike lyrics to a song. You know what you want to say’ you know how you want it to feel, and yet the words just do not emerge in the way you have envisioned. Is this your poor […]