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Shaping Destiny

by Destiny Allison

Review date: May 2013



When I first bought his book I expected a simple mix of a life of an artist. It only took a page to find myself immersed in a raw journey quite aside from the journey of a sculptor; rather a beautifully written and profoundly expressed reflection of my own life’s questions seen through the eyes of someone I have never met. What Destiny writes about is life, raw, unadulterated, brutally honest, haunting, and yet somehow poetic in the complex meanderings that brought out, for her, her true self, her passions, her career, a deep understanding of life and death and, perhaps more importantly, of motherhood. It is only after she has run full circle through her past, her pains, the loss of her father and grappling with an understanding of her own self-worth, that she ends in a place of optimistic peace, still taking on challenges, but without the tempest that had preceded it. At the end, it has become a dance.


I had to read this straight through. I could not put it down. What Destiny sees and feels in her art, I see and feel in music, words; what I observe when I hide in a corner and watch the world without the world seeing me. I was fixed to her brutal honesty, the raw pain conveyed without the cliched obscenities or graphic violence we expect of writers. Her words flowed smoothly, thoughts to actions to feelings to emotion, all the while tying the lessons to the threads of her art, her growth as an artist, told in tandem, each leading to the next lesson until she has fully emerged.


Life is pain with love sprinkled throughout. Or life is love with pain sprinkled throughout. There is a lot of sprinkling of both, along with hope and understanding. I highly recommend this book and look forward to her next one. And here I thought she was a sculptor!     ~AWG


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The Seventh Island

by Gregory Stenson

Review Date: March 2013




Stunningly Compelling, With a stunning Caribbean setting, it's hard to not be drawn into the action Brad Stone finds himself in, chased, shot at, needing a guard, arrested, and a race against time to prevent a murder, all in the name of solving a great mystery. Interviewed by a reporter, herself with secrets, a well fleshed out Stone and details of the setting that brings it all to life, compels the reader onward and hoping for a sequel. Gregory Stenson's "The Seventh Island" offers a great read.



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Fall into Time

by Douglas Lain

Review date: July 2011


In my youth I was a fan of the late Philip K. Dick whose abstract notions of reality fused well into everyday stories (usually science fiction) that left you struggling to accept the solidity of your own reality's foundations.


In his book "Fall in Time," Douglas Lain has created four stories that offer up the same effect, albeit with far more complexity and attention to detail than Dick achieved.


Often relying on celebrity figures to interact with, Lain creates a fascinating appeal to the story themes, drawing you further in as he unravels the very tale he is telling.


With characters that include Stanley Kubrick detailed in his quirky, yet esoteric, manner through which his filmmaking imagined classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lain allow's his reader's reactions to resonate with the character's reactions. There is also a clever time travel tale that calls on Noam Chomsky and Terence McKenna in a 1971 Chicago airport scene through the use of a Time Box product reviewed from the year 2013.


I was struck by the details of not just our history, but the nuances of the history that he carefully detailed and can only imagine the time Lain spent digging up the many gems that he included - unless, of course, he used the Time Box 3.0 to actually conduct the research he needed.


I was pulled into the book from the first page. It is difficult to not be. His style of writing is detailed, subjective, focused on the details that flesh out the scenes, and grabs you from a variety of angles whether it be the story itself or the wrapping in which he presents it.


I could have easily read a compete novel from the first and the last of the stories; "The Last Apollo Mission," and "Noam Chomsky and the Time Box," the latter a device I expect we shall soon see on Apple shelves.



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