Sometimes I Scream When I Read….

There is a promise made by the cover of a book. An exciting cover demands an exciting interior. And yet, quite frequently, as I examine the books that interest me, I find that the opening pages make me want to scream. “What is this crap?” Clichés, redundancies, wordy, yet unnecessary narrative that uses simplistic language; […]

Lucid Dreaming; Vivid Writing

A Writing Tip: Have you ever had a dream, so real, that it lingered upon awakening?  I have. Often. Bizarre, seemingly unrelated imagery, words, that seem to make sense in the dream world, although, upon awakening, leaves an emotional aftertaste, without much in the way of cohesive meaning. And then, over the ensuing half-hour, or […]

Looking For Words in All The Wrong Places

Sometimes, the act of putting words on paper—seems easy enough, right—becomes a tortuous exercise in rhythm, not unlike lyrics to a song. You know what you want to say’ you know how you want it to feel, and yet the words just do not emerge in the way you have envisioned. Is this your poor […]