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Creative Marketing with Andrew Hood

[from Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, July 2017] Creative Marketing I met Andrew Hood (@andrewhoodtwtp) on Twitter. He’s from Sydney, Australia. As a publisher, I always try to find clever ways of reaching people. It is common to receive an auto-Tweet after you follow someone. Most are benign messages, some plug book links, others ask question […]

The Best Book Ever Written

Well, I certainly got your attention, didn’t I? You see, we are wired that way, both skeptics and believers, all wishing for the one absolute truth, the best of everything, whether it be a book, a life changing program, or whatever.We are inundated, and yet trained, to want to believe. Why do we buy lottery tickets? […]

The June Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is Ready For You

READ THE JUNE 2017 ISSUE: PDF: page: With each issue BNP gets stronger. Our readership as grown–which reminds me, if you have not signed up for a FREE subscription, please do so HERE, or It is my hope that as we continue to add subscribers (free, by the way), and attract  even more […]