Authors & Interviews

These are interviews I’ve held, most of which I’ve included in our Books ‘N Pieces Magazine

Robin Melhuish – author, All That Remains

JC Ryan – Bestselling author, The Tenth Cycle (series)

➹ Mickey Mikkelson, publicist for authors, including bestseller, Robert J. Sawyer

Mike Wells – Bestselling author, Love, Lust & Murder (series)

➹ Devika Fernando – author, The Prince’s Special Bride (series)

Jas T. Ward – Bestselling author, Shadow Keepers (series)

➹ Arabella Sheraton – author, Authentic Regency Romances (series)

➹ Fiona Ingram – author, The Secret of the Sacred Scarab (series)

Lauren Jefferson – aspiring author

Andrew Hood – author, The Man Who Corrupted Heaven

William Gensburger – author, Signs You My Not Be An Idiot, Damaged Goods (coming soon)