Buy your copy of ALL THAT REMAINS today!

All That Remains, by Robin Melhuish, is now available for purchase in print and Kindle formats (ePub is available by request – email and we will hook you up.)This book is engrossing and as you will read from the reviewers below; a page-turner. What you may not know is that there are TWO cover […]

The June Books ‘N Pieces Magazine is Ready For You

READ THE JUNE 2017 ISSUE: PDF: page: With each issue BNP gets stronger. Our readership as grown–which reminds me, if you have not signed up for a FREE subscription, please do so HERE, or It is my hope that as we continue to add subscribers (free, by the way), and attract  even more […]


May 2017 Books ‘N Pieces Digital Magazine Enjoy this issue of Books ‘N Pieces featuring romance authors Devika Fernando, Arabelle Sheraton, YA author Fiona Ingram, with a short story by Henry Ohaegbulam (First place winner in our contest – different story), and mentions of Mike Wells, Robin Melhuish, book reviews, articles including The Changing Face […]

It’s All Been Done Before….

Let’s face it; nothing is original. Stories have been passed along in one form or another for centuries. Early stories were passed down orally, from one generation to another. At some point new ideas were regurgitated old ideas, in the same way that movies seem to all be variations on a theme. What’s a writer […]

What is Truth?

Determining the truth when you write a novel seems to be an important aspect of the process. The question remains, what is the truth and why does it matter? I present this question because in the creation of a written product, the truth, or what is considered the truth, is not relevant. The truth is […]

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Wordy!

Amateur writers have a tendency to use more words than needed to convey their story.  For example, you might read:  It was a bright blue morning, and the splinters of sunlight pierced the solitary cloud that floated above the old, Victorian house.  There was a buzz of crickets filling the air, birds chirping melodiously, and […]

Hong Kong March 2017

I’ve been in Hong Kong, a week in March, visiting family – part of the delay with the BNP first issue. Hong Kong is a fascinating place to write about. It is an amazing mix of simple through eclectic, modern through filfthy back alleys, more stores than any human needs, all within walking distance, or […]

The Unfinished Man

I have an anthology of my short stories coming out in a month or so. Titled: The Unfinished Man and other stories, it offers an eclectic mix of writings from the somber to the humorous. The Unfinished Man is a story that has been percolating for some time. With all the superhero movies floating around, I wanted to […]

Writing can be QWERKY!

I added a new tool to my arsenal, always searching for that perfect writing tool. I type a lot on the iPad, but hate typing on screen. The Bluetooth keyboards that come with it are not much better. And I have tried a lot of them. Recently I spotted an ad on Facebook for a […]

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