Your Short Story is Rejected. Now What?

Your Short Story is Rejected. Now What?   I get many short stories submitted each month. Sadly, most are not at a stage where I can publish them. For many authors, short stories appear to be the easiest form of writing; short, easy to finish. This is deceptive; a good short story is much harder […]

B&P Magazine-January 2018 – Read It Here

Interview with YA novelist, Kelly Charron, travel writer and explorer, Kurt Koontz (part one), fiction by Alexander Greene, and an article on why covers and titles are so important. Enjoy and be sure to sign up for our mailing list. PDF MOBI (Kindle) ePUB (All e-Readers)       Join our mailing list:  

It’s 2018. Do you know where you will get published yet?

Welcome to a new year, already slipping by faster than the last. They say that as you get older time becomes your mortal enemy, losing more of yourself to the past, and less to the potential of the future. I’d like to think that on some quantum writer scale, time never ends; merely convolutes into […]

The Quest for Relevancy in the Meaning of Life: Too Many Fish in a Small Pond

Let’s face it; there are just too many people in the world, all vying for attention, whether for personal gratification, professional goals, sales, or just to remain relevant. These days, with a global attention span that barely exists (aside from endless repetition of social media posts) we find ourselves struggling for identity. Sure, the big […]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review (No Spoilers)

There are NO SPOILERS in this review:   There are two distinct groups of Star Wars fans; those who enjoy the fun, galactic tale of Luke Skywalker’s adventures to become a Jedi knight, and his battles against the evil empire; and those who devour every morsel of mythos as though it were a tangible and […]

Petering Out? It’s All About Time.

Do you find your initial surge of creative brilliance petering out midway through a story, novel, or whatever you may be doing?  Do you stop, cast doubt upon the worth of your work, vacillate between continuing or abandoning your project? Perhaps, you might tell yourself, you just need a break for a bit, you know, […]

Have You Followed BNP Magazine on Twitter Yet?

I admit that I post a lot on Twitter; often about authors and books that I see there, often, useful tips and freebies; but also some commentary about global, political or other items of interest. Sometimes an active Twitter discussion ensues, not easy even with their expanded 288 word tweet limit. Nonetheless, Twitter is a […]


Welcome to the December issue of BNP Magazine, featuring our interview with sci-fi great, Robert J. Sawyer, two short stories, interview with best selling author Robin Melhuish, an editorial titled “The Mass Mess of Christmas,” and more. BNP Magazine is available FREE to our mailing list subscribers . Please sign up below and help us […]

Justice League Movie Review

After a successful Man of Steel, followed by a tepid Batman vs Superman—a generally dark and negative turn on the comic book alliance between the two giants—and then, most recently Suicide Squad and the successful Wonder Woman movie, Justice League was intended to cement the future of the DC superhero movies. Upcoming stand-alone films include […]