ALL THAT REMAINS by Robin Melhuish

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“A Damn Good Read!”
~ Alexander Greene, author/reviewer

by Robin Melhuish


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by Robin Melhuish

The Story

•Deep in the Soviet Occupation Zone of defeated Germany, 1945, a baby girl (Helen) is born and abandoned. From the shards of the war, she discovers, as an adult, a terrible truth about her past.

•For Alastair Wainwright, the chance find of a letter from 1945 in an antique shop, leads him to uncover a trail of love, deceit and corruption that spanned the war years and climaxed in the meltdown of Nazi Germany, leading to a modern-day hunt for the proceeds of the biggest, undetected robbery in history.

•Together, the past and present fuse into an exciting romance, chase, and the quest to find answers for both. And yet, some secrets should remain hidden.

The Reviews


“So many twists and unexpected happenings. I was only sorry when I turned the last page. A SUPER READ!” ~ Kasia Macioszek


"Robin intricately weaves an intellectual cast of characters against a backdrop of page-turning plots. Historians have often asked how could these atrocities have happened? Robin's book accurately explores the events, politics, and emotions that would ultimately draw a worldwide response to the unthinkable. Great book." -Natalie Hurst, News Anchor, KBOI-2 TV


“A gripping story that grasps the reader in the first few pages.  Robin has a special gift for guiding his readers through a historically accurate maze.”
-Kurt Koontz, Author, "A Million Steps"


“This book pulls you right into the story without getting trampled with backstory before telling the tale. And what's more, it doesn't stop throughout the entire book. A fun roller-coaster ride that will keep you spellbound, I guarantee it.” -Cliff Hitchcock, Insurance agent, and Independent Musician


"Compelling, intriguing & insightful. A tender, yet nicely factual look at a painful piece of history." -Tracey Miller, Global Support, Riptide Sports

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As part of our marketing research, we have issued two versions of this novel, identical except for the covers (as shown above).

Why did we issue two covers? In Europe, it is forbidden to display any Nazi symbology. And since the story was more focused on the search for the truth, among other things, we thought the cover implied the story was just a Nazi story, when, in fact, it is only partly one.

Which cover do you like better? The first or second? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading the book.


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