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ALT PUBLISH is the publishing arm of MisterWriter LLC. Founded in 2007, MisterWriter has worked individually and in collaboration with other companies, to offer a variety of writing services including advertising designs, graphic designs, audio and video productions, design and layout of a variety of advertising platforms, from Auto Express, The Concordian & Diablo Gazette newspapers, Mountain Living magazine, Expressions Magazine, as well as contracting with BYCT Publishing and The Mormon Bookstore for all aspects of book publishing, from cover designs through professional print and digital layouts. In addition, collateral material from newsletters to postcard mailings, business card design, logo designs and more, offer a full spectrum of services at reasonable prices.


Company founder, A.W. Gensburger, also an indendent author, motivational speaker and audiobook narrator, decided that ALT PUBLISH would encapsulate all aspects of the publishing industry, offering NO RISK opportunities for qualified authors to publish, as well as servicing the advertising industry with high quality designs, copywriting and voice work, at fair prices.


Samples of each of these services are available in their menu sections (left of the page).


If you would like to discuss contracting with ALT PUBLISH and would like an estimate, please CONTACT US and we would be happy to provide a detailed quote.


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