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Update: 3-13-17 BOOKS ‘N PIECES Issue #1 has been delayed 10 days. Instead of coming out March 15, it will be March 25 (APRIL issue). My apologies for the delay.

Update: 3-6-17 CONTEST WINNERS

Contest winners have started receiving their payments. For those in the US, Wells Fargo transfers to your email will give you the instructions to follow. For those in other countries such as India, England, Canada and Nigeria, I have used MoneyGram to ensure that you will get your payment quickly. Visit www.moneygram.com to find the location closest to you. With your valid ID and the reference number I have emailed you, you can collect immediately. For our First through Third place winners, a letter has been mailed to you with a check. I wanted to thank you.

The contest was an overwhelming success with submissions that spanned across the globe. Our winners and runners-up who will appear in the anthology RULES OF LIFE (due out April 15) hail from the US, Great Britain, Canada, India, Nigeria, among other places. I am sure you will be as impressed as I was with the quality of writing. ~William

WRITERS: Are you looking to get published

img_0988We can help you. Our full-service includes everything you need from critique through publication and marketing, at NO COST to you.

Read on to learn how we are different, what we can do, and how we can help you avoid the many scams out there!


•If you need an honest and direct critique of your work to determine whether it is worth publishing, talk to us.
•If you want to avoid Vanity Press type publishers and would like to know more information how to avoid them, talk to us.
•If you want HONEST FEEDBACK, ZERO COST & ZERO RISK, then you will want to talk with us.

img_0030Alt.Publish works with authors and other publishers to edit, design, layout, critique, convert, proof and publish fiction and non-fiction material.There is never a cost for writers. We royalty share so must ensure your book sells or we make nothing. You have no risk and no cost! You keep your rights. What have you got to lose?  


With so many other publishers that appear great, yet almost always with hidden costs, we challenge you to send us the name of a publisher or publishing service you’ve seen, and we’ll show you the hidden fees and traps built into their system if any. [Note: there are at least two such services advertising frequently on television, one even promoting themselves as a religious organization.] We will be adding a resource page in the near future for writers to use to investigate these organizations

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Email: info@altpublish.com and we will let you know what we find out. Also, let us know what you are working on and what you need to discover, or select the CONTACT US link above. You can also learn more on our FOR AUTHORS page.

If you are ready to SUBMIT your work, we will happily take a look and report back what we find. 



We look forward to hearing from you. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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